Summer Maintenance Tips for

Summer Maintenance Tips for Vehicle

Summer Maintenance Tips for Vehicle

Prepare Your Vehicle for Summer in Madera, CA

With the beautiful California summer weather on the horizon, it’s time to get your vehicle ready for road trips. Our summer maintenance tips at Gill Buick GMC in Madera, California, include taking care of routine maintenance to avoid engine overheating, problems with air conditioning, and failing batteries.

Our experienced service advisors can help you choose the services your vehicle needs, while our factory-trained technicians do the work under the hood and in the cabin.

Schedule Routine Maintenance & Inspections

Season changes are good times to check on your vehicle’s routine maintenance needs. While many drivers use miles or months to determine when to get an oil change, seasons also serve as good scheduling reminders to get new engine oil and oil filters.

At Gill Buick GMC, our ASE-certified technicians conduct multi-point inspections at every service visit. You can also schedule an inspection to determine what your vehicle needs. During the inspection, our technicians can check your hoses and belts to be sure they aren’t fraying or tearing.

They can also check your battery to determine its remaining life span. If you need a new battery, our technicians can replace it, and our battery replacement service includes inspecting and cleaning the terminals and housings. No one wants to have a dead battery on the side of the road, which is why we highly recommend proactive battery replacements, especially in the hot summer months.

Summer GMC Maintenance Tips

An important component of summer driving in California is a fully-functioning air conditioning system. The technicians will check the interior cabin filters to be sure you get to breathe clean, fresh air when the windows are up.

Our technicians can also check your vehicle’s coolant and radiator. If they find you need a coolant flush or new coolant, your service advisors will inform you of the pros and cons as well as the price of the service. Our technicians can also check your brakes and rotors to keep you safe on your summer road trips.

We also highly recommend cleaning away the dirt and grime from winter and spring. Vehicles benefit from regular car washes, especially those that target the undercarriage. Vacuum the interior to clean away pollen and dust from an old cabin filter. Remove winter gear to make room for your sunglasses.

Choose the Service Center at Gill Buick GMC in Madera, California

When your vehicle needs summer maintenance near Borden, CA, our ASE-certified technicians are ready to help with oil changes, tire rotations, and more. Our service center has high-tech tools and equipment specifically for General Motors vehicles like the newest Buick and GMC models.

For your convenience near Bonita, CA, we offer online service scheduling, and we invite you to visit our website to see our rotating collection of service specials and coupons.