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When Should You Replace Your Car Battery?

We Are the Battery Replacement Expert in Madera

You drive your car with pride and joy all season long. So, why not take care of it to ensure all components are working in harmony?

Battery replacement is crucial to your Buick and GMC performance. It’s also responsible for the exhilarating driving experience you enjoy every time you set out on the road to explore familiar and brand-new destinations.

If you’re in Madera, CA, or somewhere nearby, you’ll love the Gill Buick GMC Service Center. Our expert in-house mechanics trained and certified by Buick GMC perform the battery change while you wait for your vehicle with peace of mind.

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Our Battery Services

Your car’s battery life depends on how long you’ve had it in your vehicle and how often you drive your car. Batteries age over time, but they can also deteriorate when they are not being used.

The weather or the amount of heat during summer or cold during freezing temperatures affects your vehicle’s battery life as well. According to experts, warm weather contributes more to your battery’s wear and tear.

At the Gill Buick GMC Service Center, we offer various battery services, including battery testing, inspection, and replacement. Our mechanics will assess what your GMC needs and even install a brand-new battery for your vehicle, if necessary.

We offer genuine Buick GMC parts, including batteries, to ensure your utmost safety and your car’s superior performance on the road.

When Should You Replace Your Car’s Battery?

Many factors contribute to battery failure. And so, you must pay close attention to your vehicle’s behavior on and off the road.

When you start your Buick, and the engine does not come to life, it can be a sign of battery failure. In some instances, your engine will power up once you’ve started your car, but only after several push start attempts or key turns on your ignition.

When that happens, you need to go to your nearest battery replacement center as soon as you can to get your battery diagnosed and replaced as needed. If you know how to change your car’s battery, you can buy the correct battery for your vehicle and install it yourself.

To avoid getting stranded due to battery failure, you must keep track of your car’s battery life. Just keep in mind. Most brand new batteries function three to five years before losing power. And if you live in a place with mostly warm weather, your battery life may be shorter than expected.

Keep it a habit to have your batteries inspected during your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance. Every time you have an oil change, ask your Buick and GMC-certified mechanic to check your batteries as well. That way, you know the status of your battery and when it is due for replacement.

Trust Only the Experts

Your car’s battery is an essential part of your vehicle. It keeps the engine running so you can reach your destinations safely and efficiently.

Entrusting your GMC battery to expert mechanics trained and certified by Buick and GMC is the only way you can be sure the correct battery has been installed accurately in your vehicle. Doing otherwise can compromise your safety and your vehicle’s performance and longevity.

The Gill Buick GMC Service Center is the trusted name in battery inspection and replacement in Madera, CA. We have the best mechanics you can trust to care for your vehicle with passion and precision.

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